Eat These Foods And Still Keep Your Weight Down

Eat. We all love to eat, some of us as often as possible. Consequently, we can gain lots of weight and can even develop health issues that may become chronic. Fortunately, you can maintain your food cravings and still eat healthy. Here are several tasty foods that will control your weight and still let you fit comfortably into your flattering clothes.



Eat Oatmeal

One bowl in the morning can keep you going all day. Its fiber fills you up and lets your body absorb the nutrients more slowly. That keeps your energy steady. Your hunger pangs disappear.

Eat Low Sodium Soup

The liquid fills your stomach but doesn’t add many calories because it’s usually made with a lot of water. Go for a broth-based recipe, like vegetable soup or those made with chicken or beef broth.


Salad contains fiber and are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Have a salad as your entrée, or as your main course. Go easy on the croutons and use low calorie dressings.


The unsaturated fat and protein in nuts prompts the body to secrete hormones that makes you feel full. Moreover, the fats moderate your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Stick with a one ounce serving, about 10 nuts.


Reduces body fat. Try one-third of a medium avocado together with a thin slice of whole grain toast. Delicious.


There are 78 calories in a large, hard-boiled egg and lots of protein. They help you eat less during the day if you have them for breakfast, especially if you’re overweight.

Cottage Cheese

It’s a good substitute if you don’t like eggs. It contains 163 calories in a cup, high protein content, and reduces your hunger pangs.


It’s a healthy source of protein, which will make you feel fuller than carbohydrates. Moreover, fish contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which is an important anti-oxidant.

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